Keynote Speaker


Donna Shalala
Former U.S. Congresswoman (2019 - 2021) representing Florida's 27th Congressional District and served as Secretary of Health and Human Services (1993 - 2001) under President Bill Clinton

Conference Keynote Address: Conversation with Congresswoman Donna Shalala.

Congresswoman Shalala will discuss issues of health care and related topics current at conference time.



Plenary Speakers


Rev. Kevin Massey MDviv. BCC
Vice President, Mission and Spiritual Care Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

Plenary: Accelerating Change: The emerging future of Spiritual Care.

Rev. Kevin Massey has long been associated with predicting and proposing paradigmatic change in the field of health care chaplaincy. In this presentation Rev. Massey will describe how the long predicted changes have accelerated into unpredictable new realities which promise exciting future directions for health care chaplaincy.



Susan Jacob PhD, RN
Executive Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor College of Nursing, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Plenary: Helen Westberg Memorial Plenary,
Providing Grief Support Using Technologies, University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Faith Community Nurses and Chaplains are often not aware of grief support resources that use technologies. During the COVID pandemic it is essential that support and resources be provided virtually. This presentation will discuss case studies, techniques and resources for providing grief support using technology including suggestions on using Granger Westberg's text "GOOD GRIEF"



Rev. Danielle J. Buhuro DMin, BCC, ACP
ACPE Certified Educator, Advocate Aurora Health Care

Plenary: From Healthcare Trauma To Healthcare Trust: Spiritual Care for African Americans in the Face of Medical Apartheid.

Why don't some African American patients trust their medical doctor? This plenary will explore prominent racialize events in the history of America's healthcare field that have created a psychology of distrust among some African American persons. Participants will also learn how current systemic social conditions, grounded in oppression, contribute to racial disparities in the healthcare profession. Participants will learn spiritual care strategies for rebuilding trust among African American healthcare patients.



Plenary Panel



Rev. Deborah L. Patterson DMin, MDiv, MHA
Ordained Clergy, Smyrna UCC - Former Director, International Parish Nurse Resource Center

P. Ann Solari-Twadell PhD, MPA, RN, FAAN
Former Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
Katora Circle

Katora Campbell DrPH, MSN, RN-BC, CHES®
Former Executive Director, Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing


Anne Marie Djupe Memorial Plenary,
Evolution of Faith Community Nursing: Challenges to Opportunities.


Faith Community Nurses operate within the context of influential factors that impact their individual practice as well as the overall FCN specialty. Key factors include technology, the healthcare system, the nursing profession, and the nature of their own community practice setting. The presentation will consider the role of faith community nurses and Westberg Institute in light of past experiences and how we can learn from and help shape the future of faith community nursing. We will consider past challenges to inspire today’s FCNs toward the future as well as guide Westberg Institute (WI) as the practice moves forward.


Antony Sheehan BSN, RN
President and CEO, Aspire Health Alliance

Plenary: Granger Westberg Memorial Lecture,
Facing the Future: Human Compassion in Systems of Care.

Healthcare systems that provide coping, spiritual, and mental health care through both live and via technology are at the forefront of managing the challenges of recent global issues. Many people who have limited access to mental and behavioral care are in the greatest need for compassionate care of the human spirit. Faith Community Nurses, chaplains, and other spiritual care health professionals are providing these people care as well as helping them connect to care through emerging technology. As a former mental and behavioral nurse and health system leader in the UK and now living in the US, Mr. Sheehan, brings a unique perspective as an international leader connecting people to compassionate care in communities and systems of care.


Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, CEM

Plenary: First Responder Plenary: Disaster Chaplaincy for the 21st Century

Since 9-11-01, emergency managers around the globe have turned to local faith leaders and mental health organizations to fill the void for the immediate and long term care of survivors and emergency responders. The need for the nation to come together to develop minimum standards, share best practices and elevate relevant training has never been greater. Mr. Smith will present a “How it Started, How it’s Going” analysis while presenting a 21st Century approach to “Where it's Headed” and how attendees can be a part of the movement forward.


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