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UTS gives you credit for your life and work experience. We give you credit for past courses, continuing education, and certificates that you have received. If you have started down an educational path and did not finish then UTS may be able to help. We understand that hands-on life experience is as important as learning from text books and lectures. Oftentimes, life is the best teacher. Leadership grows out of the relationships we form with those we support, where providing comfort and hope is the hearth of our jobs.

Our Degree Programs

UTS specializes in degrees that emphasize professional growth and spiritual enrichment. We offer personalized Master and Doctorate degrees, affordably and online, in the areas of: religious education, spiritual direction and psychospiritual counseling. Our current degree programs include:

School of Spiritual Care

Department of Chaplaincy

  • Master of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy (M.Th.)
  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy (D.Th.)


School of Spiritual Direction

Department of Progressive Christian Studies

  • Master of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction (M.Th.)
  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction (D.Th.)


School of Psychospiritual Counseling

Department of Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy (D.Th.)

Department of Biblical Christian Counseling

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Biblical Christian Counseling (D.Th.)


To learn more, please visit our website: www.uofts.org

Degree-Granting Authority

On December 29, 2016, the SCA University of Theology received exemption approval by the State of Washington. The Washington Student Achievement Council reviewed the materials provided by UTS and determined that the degree programs listed meet the requirements of Chapter RCW 28B.85.040(2)(c) and WAC 250-61-060(7) of the Washington Degree-Granting Institutions Act and thus has granted UTS religious exemption. UTS will be applying for accreditation with the Association of Theological Schools as soon as it is eligible to do so. We will hope to complete this accreditation as quickly as possible.

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