HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (HCCN) led the development of the Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy in acute care and palliative care that were adopted by professional chaplaincy associations. The Spiritual Care Association (SCA), an affiliate of HCCN, recognized that today's health care environment is driven by outcomes and contributions to value that demand that professional chaplains meet evidence-based requirements. Therefore, SCA has incorporated those standards and other models from around the world as the basis to define what thought leaders in the field have been saying are needed – a new set of evidence-based Scope of Practice for Spiritual Care (competencies) that aligns with evidence-based Quality Indicators for Spiritual Care (outcomes); both were disseminated in early 2016 following their development by two international, multidisciplinary panels of experts convened by HCCN. The Quality Indicators and the Scope of Practice can be found below.

The competencies identified in the Scope of Practice represent the next generation of Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy.

Scope of Practice

Quality Indicators