Westberg Symposium


The Westberg Institute, in partnership with the Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association is proud to present the 2020 Westberg Symposium at the Caring for the Human Spirit Conference®. Save the Date!


Westberg Symposium


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All participants of the Westberg Symposium will have full access to the Caring for the Human Spirit® Conference at absolutely no additional cost! Over the years, the Westberg Symposium has become the premier gathering and networking event for faith community nurses from across the globe. Participants develop supportive connections and gain new ideas and skills as distinguished speakers share techniques and experiences for the benefit of the professional practice. Recent natural and human-caused disasters and events across the US and globally present new challenges in traumatic events, creating community unrest in their wake. To be successful in helping communities face such devastation, FCNs need to be innovative leaders and strategic beacons of hope. The symposium is the ideal place for FCNs, along with others, to share their experiences, latest approaches, and best practices to plan, prepare, and respond to community and individuals. The symposium includes subject matter that helps FCNs address challenges in communities. Examples of subjects include the impact of FCNs providing transitional care during crisis, persevering in the practice during adversity, and unique ways FCNs can serve in the wake of tragedy.

Attendees can register for not only for FCN-specific content, but for any of the programs offered at the Caring for the Human Spirit® Conference.

Registration is now open.

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