What Is It?

CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is a form of chaplaincy internship in which students are taught through hands-on practice, clinical supervision, and academic study to more effectively observe, listen, communicate, and respond and attend to someone’s spiritual and emotional needs. CPE students gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to assist people in crisis with competence and confidence.

What Makes CPE.org Different?

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network offers distance, online CPE built around convenience and accessibility. With HCCN’s online CPE.org program, you can obtain much of your training from wherever you are. You complete educational hours online via self-guided courses; undergo supervision, group process and other learning through live video conferencing; and perform clinical hours on site at a convenient institution. This makes CPE.org fit into your busy life. Using the Internet and working at a clinical setting that is convenient for each student, individuals who wish to take CPE will not have to put their life on hold in order to accomplish this dream. CPE.org makes it possible.

Who Is CPE.org For?

CPE.org - For those interested in becoming a chaplain
CPE.org - For clergy and seminarians
CPE.org - For hospital volunteers
CPE.org - For other professionals